2010 Certification Workshop

Dogs Certifying
shown with judge Richard Knapp

Lillian and Dyna
Smooth Collie
Sandy & Frankie
Nancy & Trooper & Gus
Golden Retrievers
Pat & Diggs
Duck Toller
Joan & Belle
Golden Retriever
Alyson & Shumba & Lexi
Golden Retrievers


This year proved to be quite a challenge insofar as getting enough fields for all the dogs who wanted to certify. In late September some of the fields we have tracked in previously had not yet been cut, and some of our regular fields were being used for other functions that weekend. However, most of the dogs were able to run in hay fields we will be using for our TD test. But we also had to run several tracks in a field only sporting dogs would love. Fortunately the dogs, the tracklayer, the judge and the handlers emerged unscathed!
Photos by Jim Bunderla



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