35th Anniversary Celebration Picnic - July 10, 2010

Waiting for a burger
Having a brief meeting
What a cake!
Cutting the cake
Grabbing dessert before the dog games resume

Table of Treats
Dog walks under table without taking any of the hanging treats

This is quite the temptation
Cheerleading may help
Or a more enticing treat

Dog jumps hurdle

Taking Off
Safe Landing

Potato Weave
Handler carries a potato on a spoon and weaves through the cones

Hurry up, Mom
Hope she doesn't drop that thing
I'm with you, Dad

So you think you can dance?
Part 1 - Dog & handler don appropriate attire

Whatever Mom wants, I'm agreeable
Real men aren't afraid to wear pink
I think this is rather cool
Methinks Mom has lost her mind!
She hugs me, then she does this!
But I was born with four white socks

So you think you can dance?
Part 2 - The dog walks backward and the handler walks forward

Lots of different way to dance with your dog!

Ups N Downs
Dog climbs the stairs, pauses for 30 seconds, then goes back down

Up we go!
A little treat makes the wait seem shorter
Almost at the bottom

Tunnel Rats
The dog runs through the tunnel

Look out! Here we come.

Eggceptional Time
Dog carries egg from one bucket to another

Several considered it
But only one dog did it

Birthday Bash
Dog & handler share a table for two

Some had better table manners than others

Cookie on a Raft
The dog steps in a kiddy pool to retrieve a treat in the middle

Some of the dogs were more interested in the pool than the treat
Others read the instruction manual
And some needed a little persuasion

Handler rides stick horse while accompanied by the dog

Three different retriever breeds - three different degrees of interest in the steed!

Dipping for Dogs
How many hotdogs can a dog catch and eat in a minute?

Make lots of ripples
Try the open-mouth approach
Stare them down
Gingerly grab them with your teeth
Sniff them
Get a taste test first

Pick a Toy

Check out the basket
Pull some out
This is the right one to take home
Photos by Nancy Grove


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