2010 Tracking Experience Day


John and Anna discussing the agenda
Peg explaining scent
Gina showing tracking equipment
Toro and Gina working the demo track
Learning about the 30' lead which connects one to the dog
Seeing how proper lead handling makes it easier for the "dog" to track
Pacing off the 30 yard start
Determining the number of paces in 100 yards
Beans showing that if she puts her nose down, she'll find hotdogs growing in the field!
Carrying a flag, dropping bait, aligning on a marker, counting steps and not falling down!
Becoming aware of objects in the distance which you're going to use as markers
Walking a straight line and counting paces while keeping a sight marker aligned
Midday break - Potty, Lunch & the Store
In the afternoon all the dogs got a chance to practice. They proved that whatever their size, shape or color, they were capable of putting down their noses, following the hotdogs, and finding the glove!
Photos by Jim Bunderla & Nancy Grove



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