2010 TED Follow-ups

Follow-up One


Discussing how to plot turns
Paying attention in case Mom forgets something
Heading off to the fields
Laying tracks for each other
Nose down at the start
Getting down to tracking
Visible tracks are great in training
Just follow me, Dad

Follow-up Two

Lead Handling

Demonstrating lead handling on a club member
Now trying it on one of the participants
Participant gets a chance
Addressing the wrapping the lead issue
Getting dressed to do some tracking
Getting scent at the start
Down to the business of tracking
Celebration at the glove

Follow-up Three

Article Indication

Talking about types of indication
Demonstrating sit at the article
Approaching the glove
Nose in the glove
I think the glove is here
Waiting for a reward for sitting
When the mower shows up at the field, all you can do is let the dogs socialize
Photos by Jim Bunderla & Nancy Grove


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