Help - My Dog is Lost!

An AKC Tracking Dog is trained to follow human scent to find an article (i.e., a glove or wallet) belonging to the person whose scent they are following. During their training these dogs are taught to ignore other animal tracks or scents and consequently would probably not be helpful in locating a lost pet.

However, there are groups which specialize in finding lost dogs. (Will open in a new window)

Find A Pet Detective: National Directory
Help Find Lost Pets
Find Toto
Pet Amber Alert

The following information may help you locate your lost dog.

Using common sense can keep your dog from becoming a “lost dog".

Good Luck

Some additional resources to help you find your Lost Dog (will open in a new window).

How to Find a Lost Dog Pet Action League
American Kennel Club Lost and Found Dogs
Fido Finder
Flealess Market
Laura's Pet Post
Missing Pet Network
Coping with Pet Loss
Sherlock Bones
Pet Disaster Preparedness

Play it safe ... go to all of them ... each one lists different lost and found dogs.



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