Rhewllyd Let Er Fly

By Bev Olsen


Breeze is a four year old rescued Greyhound that I have owned since May of 2005. Yes, she is a sight hound and most people think they are not good at using their nose, well this is not true. Breeze is the second Greyhound I have had, and they are wonderful tracking dogs. Shortly after Breeze came to live with me I started her tracking and she just loves it to the point of driving me crazy. When she is in the car waiting for her turn to work she barks and raises the devil until she gets her chance.

When Lenape held their tracking certification workshop, I entered Breeze and was lucky enough to get in. We drew the third track. I walked out into the field with Breeze and the judge looked at me and said, " OH a sight hound. This should be interesting." Breeze walked up to the flag, put her nose to the ground and took off. At one point out on the top of the hill looking down on the road, she stopped, went into a beautiful stance and watched the cars went by. After that bit of sight seeing, she put her nose back down and finished the track without another pause. Greyhounds are also known for not sitting but when Breeze got to her glove she went into the most beautiful sit in anticipation of her breakfast.

Now we had our certification, so it was time to enter a test. I entered Hudson Valley but was not lucky enough to get in. I also entered Lenape's trial and was the #4 draw. Test day came quickly. I drew the seventh track for the test. I felt very confident about Breeze passing until I found out that my track was in the field that since I have been a member of Lenape, I have never seen anyone pass, including my own Cardigan, Snowflake. Oh well, the luck of the draw. My buddy, Teryl, told me not to worry Breeze could do it. She was sooooooo right. Our turn came, we walked out to the start flag and Breeze was happy that it was finally her turn. Breeze put her nose down and never looked back. Six minutes later, she sat at the glove and I thought I heard her say, "Mom, what were you worried about? It was easy."

I do many activities with my dogs, but of all the things I do, tracking is what I love best. To me, there is no greater reward than to have a dog finish a track and get to that glove with me just along for the ride. To have this dog do such a beautiful job when I have only had her 19 months brings tears to my eyes.Thank you Breeze!

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