Dyna & The Mole

by Lillian Puchalski


We pulled up in the car.  I was told my track was there and the judges were waiting. I pulled Dyna out of the car and all I could think of was, "make sure your line is straightened out."

We got into the field, and there were the starting flags and the judges.  At that point my legs turned to rubber. I got her harness line straight and drew a total blank. She sniffed the sock, and I convinced her it was not play time.

I started out on the track and made it past the second flag.  At the first turn she got wind of something I knew was not the track as she gave no indication, then she went back and forth.     But I held my ground as I saw her suddenly jump up and pounce.   That’s when she looked up at me with a mole in her mouth. Panic set in!  I could not tell her to drop it because "Drop" meant hit the ground when we are working in Open.  There I am screaming at her to "Spit it out, Spit it out."  I guess the panic in my voice made her realize I was not fooling.  She did.

As the usual wild unpredictable "DYNA," she got back to tracking and almost knocked me off my feet when she got on the track.  At that point I said, "Okay Girl I Trust You." What else could I do?  Off she went.

She seemed to be right on with no problem for the next three turns. At that point she kept moving.  It seemed like forever until she slowed down and was looking at something. Before I could say anything she kept on going.  When I came to it, I saw a large brown leaf. Then all of a sudden she did her sideways butt flip and started to paw. She looked up at me as if to say "Where's the Pup-Peroni?" I knew it was the glove and finally started to breathe again. I picked it up and waved it and tried to remember not to throw it in the air because that’s what we always did in training.  I always said this dog is going to be the death of me yet.  Tears started to fall, and judges said all was well.

I still ask myself why do we put ourselves through this?

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