Felon & His New TDX

by Gina DeAlmeida


It started with a notification that we were drawn Alternate1. This wasn't good because an alternate track wasn't planned for the trial. But 2 days before the trial, another call came letting us know there was a withdrawal. So.. We were In!!!

On 10/15/17 we drove the 4 hour trip to beautiful Danby, Vermont. It was a cool partly cloudy fall day. The Tracking Club Of Vermont was running a TD/TDX combined trial so the TD tracks were in progress when we arrived. Our draw was immediately following the TD tracks and we drew the last track. As the time drew closer, we kept calm by walking around the farm at the trial headquarters.

They called us around 11:45 and off we went to our track. Unloaded, harnessed & ready, I pointed Felon in the direction of his start flag. And we were off!!! Our track headed into big lush field, then Felon quickly turned toward a farm house. Could this be right? We were heading towards a beautifully manicured lawn. Over the lawn, back into another field, then a turn heading toward a road was next. On the way to the road Felon stopped & laid down. Article! Now over the road, down a small embankment, turning into another field, passing a number of big round bales of hay. We were taking a loooong walk across this field heading toward the woods. I was smiling because I knew how much Felon loves the woods. But wait, he turned away from the woods and was heading towards a thick deep hedgerow. Could this be right?? Upon entering the hedgerow there was a stone wall which looked to be about 2 feet wide but only 1 foot tall. As he continued over the wall, he dropped out of sight! The far side was a 3 foot drop. Uhh oh, now I had to catch up with a young happy boy who just jumped off this FUN OBSTACLE and was trotting into the next field. As I held on to the end of my 40 foot line, he turned quickly to the right. "Come on mom, let's go." I could hear him say as he dragged me along. He then abruptly stoped and laid down. Another article. This was my chance to catch my breath, give him a quick drink, catch my breath again - then off we went. Nose to the ground, Felon motored across the field, made an open turn heading back up toward the road. He stopped, he downed, he turned to look at me then picked up his GLOVE! "FOUND IT MOM!!!" My happy young man (1 1/2 years old) now has his TDX title.

UKC CH Braesides Worth the Wait TD, TDX, CGC - "FELON" 

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