Fiona's TD Journey

by Patricia Pagano


I attended Lenape’s TED 2016. That year we were concentrating on Nose Work. This is my first dog doing any odor or scent work. We tracked maybe 4 times in 2016. Around June of 2017 we started taking lessons with Lisa Pattison. The goal was to do our Tracking Certification and then enter the TD test that Lenape offers in the fall, so I got consistent with our practice. We had done about 30 tracks when we got to the TD in October of this year. We did have to try our certification a second time, which was all me bumbling and not trusting my dog. Gina was very supportive and encouraging, so I’m glad we did our certification with her.

The morning of the TD there was a light rain. We drew # 7 out of 8 dogs, with an alternate track. None of the dogs that went before us passed, so with every dog I got more butterflies. Finally it was Fiona’s time. We drove to the field and I hooked her up, remembering to breathe. Fiona, on the other hand, knew what to do. She had a slower start then she normally does. She went out straight and at the turn circled a couple of times. I think my nerves went down the line to her, so I watered and rescented and gave her the “Track track” again. She got down to business and found the next two turns. I made sure to stop when she gave me that hint of a quick look towards the turn. She went on towards the woods and then came back to the last turn onto a straight line. I was so happy to see that big leather glove!

She is now Gearharts Little Miss Smarty Pants NW2 TD


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