Hope's Hunt "4" It

by George and RoseMary Laubach


The draw was at Nine and Ro had fourth pick,
Tracks 2,3 and 5 were pulled out quite quick.

Ro took a deep breath and was ready to draw.
She pulled out a pumpkin, Track 1 she saw.

She immediately left and took Hope to the flag,
The judge gave a nod and Hope's tail gave a wag.

With a street on her left and a hedge on her right,
They started out straight with a lamppost in sight.

They reached that point where Hope made her choice,
She crossed the street left though it was quite moist.

The clouds opened up and Ro could not see,
Her glasses needed wipers, she thought "woe is me".

Hope is well trained but not as a "seeing eye".
She accepted her new task and held her tail high.

Ro could visualize the tail, each wave that it made,
Hope took her along a narrow, green glade.

When they came to the end, a huge parking lot in front,
Which way would Hope go to continue her hunt?

She casted awhile, then straight ahead she went,
Finding her next article which she did scent.



Following Hope's tail, who worked like a sleuth,
Unbeknownst to Ro, they made the "Moment of Truth

Ro followed Hope on with 2 things on her mind,
Article 3 and that coveted glove to find.

Down the sidewalk they went in a hurry,
So happy the rain was not a snow flurry.

Article 3 did appear, along the way,
Hope picked it up and Ro said "Hurray"!

They hurried along, to a courtyard they came,
A ninety degree turn was the name of the game.

So continuing on, to another parking lot they went,
Hope continued to track - as if she was sent.

She moved to her right with a lamppost in sight,
She circled the pole in sheer delight.

The judge raised his arms and started to run,
Ro picked up the glove like it was bright sun.

She turned the glove over, "Number 4" did appear.
The gallery ran out and gave a huge cheer!!

Hope danced all around, knowing it was about her,
With a handler like Ro, she is now a



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