Earning my TD at the Berks County Tracking Test

by Kandi, UD (Loos)


I was so happy when Ronn decided to leave for the tracking test at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 19, because his sense of direction is poor. Everything was going just fine until we started to look for the Econo-Lodge. After four or five stops for directions, we finally found our lost motel. After we settled in, Ronn took me when he went out for supper. My one regret was his failure to bring me back some ice cream. I had to wait until we got home Sunday, then he gave me a cup of Frosty Paws (canine ice cream), which I like, but it can't compare with the real thing. This was my first over-night stay away from home, and Ronn told me what a good traveling companion I was.

The next morning we arose at 5:45 because we had to be at the tracking site by 7:00 in order for Ronn to feed his face. The drawing was at 7:30, with the first track at 8:00. Incidentally, we had to return to the motel four times for Ronn to get the directions straight. Ronn drew Track #2, which was at the radio tower. The weather had looked threatening, and wouldn't you know, it started to rain during the first track. Well, I don't mind the rain because I enjoy swimming, and Ronn had the presence of mind to bring rain gear.

When the first team successfully completed their job, the judges said that they were going to lay #3, then we would be off. Ronn was trying to look at ease, but I could tell he was nervous. Me! I was as cool as a cucumber. We were called to get ready. I was thinking to myself that I didn't want to just breeze thru the test, so!! on the first leg I pulled my old "I don't know what I am doing" routine, walked around a little then just stood there with a dumb expression. After Ronn began getting concerned and thinking we blew it, I decided to head out. From that point on, until the last leg (five turns), it was rather uneventful - the rain held the scent and the grass was just the right length. Approaching the last leg I overshot the turn and began to cast around. If Ronn remembered nothing else from his learning days, he knew that the best course of action in this situation was to back up and keep backing up, which he did. All of a sudden I picked up the scent and off we went to a successful conclusion. As I always do, I picked up the article and brought it back to Ronn, who waved it triumphantly. I was expecting to get my Iams cookie, but I had to wait until we got back to the car. I am now Kandi, UDT, and a chip off the old block of the last family member Kelsey, UDT, who I understand was also successful at her first test.

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