New Tracking Dog Title

by Karen Oliver


Getting to the Lebanon Township Municipal Building and waiting for everyone else to arrive, I felt my nervousness start to increase. As usual, I was early. After a while, the tracklayers went out to lay the first few tracks. I kept telling myself to calm down. I could tell the others were feeling the same way. Next thing I knew it was time for the draw. I was the first one. “Draw an early track,” I kept telling myself. I wanted this test to be over with as soon as possible. Number 3 track was the one I drew. “Pretty good,” I told myself. I went with the others to watch the first dog. It wasn’t going well. I didn’t want to watch and walked back to the parking lot. On to the next dog. I only saw that one at the end of their track and they were going strong. Success for them! I was next.

As I walked up to the starting flag I tried to remember everything everyone had told me to do. I just watched Lucy and went with her. The first turn, then the next. Lucy nosed around the turn. In my mind I heard Bev Olsen, my training partner, telling me she was going to drive spikes through my shoes if I moved (I don’t think I moved too much). On through the field we went. I started to doubt myself. This track has to end somewhere around here! This track is going on forever! “Trust your dog” I remembered people telling me. We kept going. Lucy tracked faster. Another turn! On we went. Finally, Lucy nosed the ground and there was the glove. I have never been happier, I’ll tell you. I picked up that glove and waved it for all it was worth. Do you think Lucy knew she had accomplished something? You bet? She carried that glove back to the Judges with her head held high and tail straight up in the air. Good job, Lucy.

Our thanks to all who gave guidance and wonderful encouragement, from Tracking Experience Day, the follow-up sessions, the Certification Test, through the Tracking Test itself.

Karen Oliver and
Lucille’s Best Blues, CGC, CD, TD

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