New Tracking Dog

by Lillian Puchalski


On May 31, 1998, at the Mt. Nittany Dog Training Club tracking test, “LarLill’s Against All Odds”, my Smooth Coated blue merle Collie Amanda Kate was the only one to pass the test. There were five TDs and three TDXs.

It was 90o weather and a waist high hay field, but I remember what Peg Forte always told me, “Trust Mandy.” So once she passed the second flag I never looked back. Once she got tangled in the lead and I remembered what Glen Johnson “God Rest His Soul” told me, just let it alone, loosen up and the dog will walk herself out of it. Which she did. I remembered my other collie Tori used to that when I was training with him.

When she got to the glove she looked at the glove, pawed it, looked at me, then back at the glove, like “well, what else do you want?”

I picked it up and threw it 10 feet in the air and hugged Mandy.

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