Miya, My A-1 Tracking Teacher

by Marilyn Mueller


I consider myself a beginner handler in tracking. I have been training with my German Shepherd, Miya, off and on for about three years. We competed in agility for those years but when we seriously came back to tracking, Miya knew exactly what to do. My handling delayed certification, but each try was a learning experience.

October 3, 2004, we went to New Paltz, NY, for our first TD Test at Hudson Valley Tracking Club’s TD and TDX Tests. We had four good omens:

1. We picked the first track
2. The dew was still on the ground
3. The track was off Lenape Road
4. Miya was calm and businesslike, not her usual excitable self.

Thanks to Bev Olsen, we were prepared for the long 200-yard leg at the beginning of the track. I was in awe of the turns and Miya’s performance. She was right on even though she had to do the last 50 yards with the line under her arm!

What a thrill. This TD gives Miya an AKC Versatility II title.

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