Niga's "T"

by LeRoy and Diane Moser


LeRoy's Thoughts:
Our "tracking" day at Berks County DTC began early and included all types of weather variations. After drawing track #8 (out of 10), we traveled to the site of the first four tracks. While watching these dogs run, a light drizzle turned into rain.

As the rain began to ease and finally stop, our turn was quickly approaching. We watched the next three dogs, then finally it was our turn. First a short drive, then two start flags were in clear sight. As soon as Niga had his harness on, he was off (barely waiting for the line). The field was high and prickly, full of wild raspberry bushes, and fairly steep. Just beyond the second flag, Niga crashed through some brush, turned and look back at me inquisitively, then took off. As we climbed through the first and second turns at a record pace, I knew there was little to do but hold on and keep up. At one point I took a peek to see why I was out of breath, only to quickly see how high we were and how fast we were moving. As we started down the hill on the fourth leg, Niga's speed kept increasing. On what turned out to be our last leg, we were heading right back toward the gallery and the road on which we were parked. First another thicket of bushes and through a ditch to a lower part. Niga leaned to the left and snatched up the prize!! He must have known this one was special, because he did not want to part with HIS glove.

Diane's Thoughts:
It all happened too quickly for me to be really nervous. We drove to the site and then we saw the field. It was high, just like Niga likes ... only I didn't realize it was so steep and prickly. Niga was ready to go, almost before the line was in place. Then off they went. Up the hill, and five turns later they were heading left and back down the hill, LeRoy running to keep up with Niga. I heard LeRoy yell "HEY, HEY, HEY", and I knew Niga had the glove. He triumphantly brought it back to LeRoy, as the entire gallery yelled "YAY!"

The three of us would like to thank Mom & Dad for allowing us to work together and for putting up with us at all hours of the day and early morning.

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