The Rotties’ TDs

by Diane Thompson


November 2, 2003, was one of the most memorable and exciting days in my involvement in dog sports. Both Georgia von Wittenhaus, BH, TR1 and Atlas von der Graf, FDX “Jack” received their TDs. What made this so outstanding for me was that it has been one long hard trip!

First I was involved with Schutzhund, then AKC Obedience and Tracking, then back to Schutzhund, now on to AKC tracking, Rally-O and flyball. I have to admit my all-time favorite dog sport is, as my husband calls it, ‘dogs sniffing grass’ tracking. Sunday was many years of hard work, sweat and tears, all falling into place and having two great dogs both get titles.

Back in February, I decided to attend Lenape’s Tracking Experience Day to find out more about AKC tracking. One of the smartest things I’ve ever done. There I met a group of very talented and experienced AKC tracking folks. In spite of the rain, it was a most informative day. Having come from a Schutzhund tracking background, I saw the difference between AKC and Schutzhund tracking styles and training. The food for the participants was amazing!!

From the time of the Tracking Experience Day, I have been tracking with Teryl and Bev from Lenape and decided to put both dogs in for their certifications. Another great day, a great judge Jacob Kay and beautiful tracking fields. Both dogs received their certifications. Georgia with her just about perfect tracking style except for when she let me know I forgot to put food on the track, but she got back to work and found the glove with style! Then there was Jack with his “we are going to go this way” and there is no stopping him, who needs a gym when you have Jack, but but he always manages to find the glove! Trust your dog!! The hospitality from Peter and Mollie Heide was fabulous, welcoming everyone into their beautiful home and the food was amazing!! Breakfast and lunch, what more can you ask for.

On to right before the test, I sent in both entries but instructed Peter to pull Georgia’s entry if there was going to be a draw. Big mistake. I was read the riot act from Teryl and Bev, enter both dogs. I can follow instruction pretty well, so I went home, contacted Peter and asked him to put Georgia back in. Well there was a draw and Georgia was first alternate. Oh well, at least Jack got in. A few days later Peter called, another entry received their TD, Georgia was in. Good thing I listened to Teryl and Bev or I would been in big trouble!!

Comes November 2, the day of the test, beautiful day, gorgeous tracking fields, super nice judges, Judith Edwards and Beth Goodbody. These two judges made everyone feel very comfortable and gave each dog every opportunity to complete their track. It was great to see all the different tracking dogs. Again, the hospitality was great as were the tracklayers.

Come time to draw for tracking slots, Georgia gets the third track, Jack the fourth track. Georgia starts off with her “oops you forgot the food again”, but does get to work. On our second corner I was sure the track went straight, but she was sure it turned. Trust your dog, so I followed her, and of course she was right, onto the glove with her picture perfect style. I’m sure her dad V-3 Baddy vom Colonius, Sch3 was smiling down on her. You go girl!

Then on to Jack’s track. What can I say, if you blink you will miss his tracking. Sometimes you need the strength of 10 men to hang onto him. He never ceases to amaze me. He is a dog you really have to learn to trust and read on the track, and trust him is a must. He knows where the track is going and always finds the end. He has such drive and intensity on the track or for anything else he does. Love that dog!

Now I have a new set of goals for the amazing Rottweilers from Rottiecentral, TDXs and any other tracking titles we can get. The most important thing to remember is to just have fun, it’s just dogs sniffing grass, which they love to do anyway!

Thanks to everyone at Lenape Tracking Club for making this all possible for me.


Jack FDX, TD!!! and Georgia BH, TR1, TD

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