Conquering Canadian TD

by Gina DeAlmeida


This past September, Toro and I decided to set out on a road trip to Canada in search of the elusive Canadian TD. Although we had been told that it's hard to find a TD amongst all the snow, we were one of the few brave souls willing to trek up north and give it a shot. Our journey began with a 7.5 hour drive on Saturday, an overnight stay and a 6 a.m. wake-up call Sunday morning.

The day was cold, rainy and overcast. Typical Canadian weather in the fall. We all met for the draw, caravanned up to the site, got into our rain gear and prepared to set out on our journey. The fields were rough and very wet; they actually looked more like it would be a TDX adventure. As we were led to our start flag, the rain stopped just long enough for us to gather our thoughts and breathe! No start article for the Canadian TD, just lots of wet grass! Toro's head went down at the start flag and it never came back up..... :) He proved to be the wonderful tracker that I trust, by hitting his turns accurately and never stepping more than a few feet off line for the entire track. The glove was easy prey; it was found in under three minutes. We showed those Canadian hunters that an American boy can find a glove in whatever country we track in!  

We all then returned to the base camp to socialize, shmooze, dry off and eat a lovely spread provided for us. Toro received his ribbon along with lots of well wishes for our long trip back that evening. As we headed back to the land of NJ, the hunter rested and snored (loudly) dreaming of his Canadian TDX adventure coming next year.....

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