Toro's ASCA TD

by Gina DeAlmeida


On April 11th, 2010, Toro and I headed out to try our luck at achieving our ASCA TD. He was the only Rottie attending, of course, and I tried to keep his composure around all the beautiful little Aussie puppies that were in attendance. He wanted so much to forget why we were there and play with all the fluffy babies, but after we had a heart-to-heart conversation, it was time to work! He put his thinking cap on, and we headed out to his track.

The fields were beautiful, lush grass with rolling hills. Although it was a little windy that day, we started off heading directly up one of the hills. He fussed a little initially after the second flag, but decided that he would put his mind to it and get tracking. After two turns we headed down into a valley between two of the rolling hills. I couldn't see anything other than grass coming up around me on all four sides. He proceeded to walk down along the bottom of the hills for a while, then made a quick turn up the steepest of the four grass walls around us. I had a difficult time keeping up with him as he quickly traversed up across the hill.

As we crested the hill he continued out of sight over the top. Luckily I had a 50-foot line on him, because it took me a few extra steps to catch up with him, and I ended up at the end of the line. I collected myself as he took the last turn and gathered up our line to the proper length. I was now ready to continue on, but he quickly sat down!!! We were at the glove already. Wow, what a workout!!! This ASCA TD track was physically challenging and wonderfully rewarding. Thanks go out to our tracklayer, Lisa, for keeping us on our toes. :)


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