Toro's Tenacious TDX Track!!!

by Gina DeAlmeida


As we started out early Sunday morning the easy drive relaxed both me and my boy, Toro.  We were on our way to Maryland for our big TDX trial.  We arrived early with plenty of time to check out the surroundings and enjoy the wonderful breakfast that we were offered.

Then it all began...  The TDX entries were gathered together for the draw...  We were the last one in line, so the last track not chosen by all the others was ours!  Track #2 was left for us to run.  Nice!  Not too early (plenty of time to gather my thoughts) and not too late (the day was going to get a little warm).  As the first dog started his track with both judges following, we started our tracking morning ritual to get ready for our Track #2.  Take a quick drink.  Take a quick walk.  Then prepare myself, with Toro watching as I put on my boots and vest.  At this point we always have a little heart-to-heart.  Ready to head out...

We were called up and escorted to our field.  As we arrived, the gallery and judges were already there.  Another drink for the boy, collar on, harness on, line attached, grab bottle of water and OFF WE GO!!!

The track started out heading into a beautiful field.  Toro's nose went down at the start flag, he found a sock and we started our track.  After a little fussing with verbal encouragement and a drink of water, Toro continued to work his track.   Soon enough we turned right, then we turned left and proceeded on a straight line for what seemed like a very long time.  I was getting a little worried, but trust your dog is the motto that I track by... So I trusted him.  Later I found out that leg of the track continued straight on for 245 yards... Toro and I were truly enjoying ourselves because this was just another beautiful sunny morning out on the tracking field for us.  We purposely did not look back or acknowledge anyone else with us on the field.   This is how we work together every day that we track.  He loves to take me for a walk to find stuff on the tracking field.  Toro then stopped, looked at me and sat; this is his way of saying, "Mom, I found something."   Yes you did, it was a glasses case.  Good boy, let's go find some more.   Off we went heading towards the woods.  First we made another turn, then we went through a hedgerow, then into the woods where we found a horse trail.  We followed it for a while until we turned quickly to the right and headed for a brook (he did take a little drink).  After crossing the brook we were out of the woods heading towards a field with some marshy bog.  Toro enjoyed going through the wetland (it was getting a little warm out).  We then headed out across the field when Toro stopped again, looked at me and sat.  Yes, we found a nylon zip bag; good boy, let's go find some more.   We ventured out and turned right again, through another hedgerow, into another field.  After one more open turn we headed towards the middle of the third field.  Toro was still working strong and then .... HE STOPS!!  YES!!  THE GLOVE!!!!! WE DID IT!!!

What a feeling.  It was a great track on a beautiful day.  I am so proud of my boy.  We both worked so hard for this title.  Thank you all who helped me get this far.  A special "Thank you" to Teryl, who believed in us as strongly we believed in ourselves. 

Onward to the VST...I think Toro would make a wonderful Champion Tracker!!

Nordikes Nothing But The Best CD, TDX, RE, CGC, TT, TDI  - "TORO"

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