George and Willie Story

by George Laubach


‘Twas the day of the tracking, where all through the field
The deer were all stirring, not about to yield.
The oven mitts were all lined on the table with care,
In prep for the draw that soon would be there.

The trackers were all nestled with coffee and cake
With visions of tracks with the number they'd take.

When out on the street we heard all the chatter,
Was time for the draw, the number would matter.
The pick was second for Willie and me,
The number was five for us to see.

The sun was not bright, on the morning dew,
But enough of a sparkle for all to view.
The old guys were ready, that's Willie and me,
He is seventy in dog years, the same goes for thee.

Now Dasher and Prancer had finished their play,
Cross-tracking the path that John did lay.
‘Twas now up to Willie, to not go astray,
With faith in my dog, he'd show me the way.

Was time for track five, Judge Jacob did call,
"Ignore extra flags that may appear in the Fall".
So up on the hill, the course we flew,
With his "tell-tale" tracking, I knew Willie knew.

And then in a twinkling, he made a left turn,
With his prancing and pawing, I had no concern.
We descended the hill, his nose to the ground,
And holding a tight line, a right turn he found.

His fur was all wet, from his head to his toe,
But the scent of the track he continued to go.
His harness was tight, flung high on his back,
He looked like a sled dog, leading the pack.

His eyes how they twinkled,
Into a left turn he'd hurry.
And on his next leg,
He continued to scurry.

Down into a valley, where crosswinds abound,
He ran into ruts; finally turned around.
Time to rescent, to renew his drive,
Then onward, but backward, we continued to strive.

Looked over my shoulder and what did appear,
Judges Jacob and Steph
and tracklayer John,
not too near.

Willie barked not a sound, but went straight to his work,
He circled around, tilting his head with a jerk.
Found an open turn, not needing a shove,
He continued his stride, to that beautiful glove.

I sprang to his side, not hearing a whistle,
Then on came the judges and John, through the thistle.
And I heard them proclaim as they came into sight,

"Congratulations to Willie, you guys did alright!"

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